A Level Preparation

This course is a COMBINATION of Intensive IELTS or Intensive General English PLUS      A level preparation for 2 hours a week.

“We would very much like to extol the benefits of our students attending the Leeds English A level Preparation course, as we have seen the benefit to students on arrival this year. They integrated into school life much quicker and were much happier. Moreover they settled down to A level work far better.”
Headmaster of Ashville School (Independent boarding school)

Suitable for

  • Students who want to study A levels in the UK
  • Students who want to go to an Independent Boarding School or a state sixth form college

What are A levels?

notre dame college leeds
Notre Dame College in Leeds. Notre Dame has a great reputation for excellent results
  • A levels are the requirement for a university degree course.
  • University degree courses require particular subjects at A level.

You must choose your four A level subjects carefully, otherwise you may not have the correct A levels for the university degree you want to do.

Course Facts

Age 16 and over
English levels Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced
Course length 4-10 weeks
Hours per week 2 hours (afternoons)
Usual class size 1
Maximum class size 4
Start date Any Monday
Fees £60 per week

Course information

Foundation Course Students
Chinese students from LELS doing A levels at Ashville. Picture taken with Mr.Lauder, Headmaster.
  • You choose the subjects you want to do.
  • Choose from 30 different A level subjects.
  • An introduction to the format of A level examinations
  • An introduction to A level exam papers
  • An introduction to the terminology in your chosen A level subjects
  • An introduction to the main concepts in each of your chosen A level subjects
  • Taught by experienced A level teachers
  • University advice and guidance before choosing A levels.

Intensive General  English

The major part of your course will be Intensive General English for 21 hours per week.  This is essential because, to be successful at A level……

  • You need to have good listening skills to understand the teacher who will be speaking to the whole class at normal speed.
  • You must have good speaking skills to be able to ask questions in class.
  • You must have good writing skills to be able to write essays and to be able to write quickly in examinations.
  • You must have good reading skills to get information from A level text books.
  • You will need to get IELTS 6.0 or 6.5 for the top universities and best degree courses.

Where can I go to do A levels?

Click this link to view A level Institutions in and around Leeds.