Free Online Course for our Current Students


One of the best online IELTS course available (100 hours), an official British Council product designed by British Council IELTS experts

Online course FREE to all students studying on one of our IELTS classroom courses

Available to other students at a cost of £10

Suitable for

  • students who need to improve one particular weakness eg. Writing or Speaking
  • students who would like to do additional study at home

Course facts

    • Unlimited access for 3 months to the IELTS online course

Course information

    • 120 hours of online practice IELTS material and IELTS practice tests in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening
    • 300 exercises and 17 videos from British Council experts
    • Instant feedback
    • Additional Vocabulary and Grammar exercises for each section

Practice IELTS Speaking or Writing tests with a teacher:

(additional cost)

If you need more practice in a real test situation

If you need more practice at Speaking or Writing

If you would like one-to-one practice tests with one of our IELTS  teachers

    • One teacher with one student
    • IELTS  teachers
    • Book the sessions with your teacher in the afternoons
    • Go to Reception to book
    • Each session lasts for 30 minutes
    • Receive authentic IELTS Speaking tests with feedback and IELTS grade
    • Receive authentic IELTS Writing tests with feedback and IELTS grade

These sessions cost £19 each  

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