Inspections and Accreditation

British Council

Most English schools in the UK are inspected by the British Council.


When you choose a school, you must always read their inspection report.

You can learn exactly what is good about the school (called a “strength” on the report).


We have just had our 2017 British Council Report (click to download).


We are very proud to have received strengths in the following sub-categories:


  • Teaching techniques
  • Classroom management
  • Appropriate content in classroom
  • Study and learning strategies
  • Principled course structure
  • Educational technology
  • Library/self-access guidance
  • Monitoring students’ progress
  • Academic reports
  • Care of students’ personal problems
  • Advice to students
  • Staff management
  • Safety and security onsite
  • Pastoral care
  • Administrative staff and resources
  • Information on course choice
  • Continuing improvement
  • Student feedback and action
  • Staff feedback and action
  • Complaints and action
  • Course descriptions
  • Student relaxation areas and food
  • Signage and display
  • Review and development
  • Observation and monitoring of teachers
  • Formalised support for teachers
  • Review of course design
  • Placement for level and age
  • Student feedback on accommodation
  • Cleanliness of student residence



“The British Council inspected and accredited Leeds English Language School in February 2017. The Accreditation Scheme assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching, welfare, and care of under 18s and accredits organisations which meet the overall standard in each area inspected (see for details).”

We received strengths in the areas of student administration, quality assurance, learning resources, academic management, course design, learner management and care of students.

ISI Inspection



ISI (Independent School Inspectorate) is a government-approved body which inspects the quality of independent schools. We are no longer inspected by them, but were awarded a grade 1 in 2015. Our report in 2015 stated: “The Quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievement is excellent” read the full report here . 


English UK Member

We are one of almost 500 language schools who are members of the association of English language schools in the UK. We also work closely with our regional group, English UK North, to make your experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


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