Accommodation Prices


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The school does not own or run the accommodation provision. However, we can recommend the following options, which we have used over many years. We can book Carr Mills and homestay accommodation for you. Stone Mill must be booked directly.

Accommodation Details

Carr Mills Student Accommodation 

  • An independent living experience
  • Budget accommodation in a student flat with a shared kitchen (no meals included)
  • Study bedrooms with a desk and a private en-suite shower room
  •  20 minutes walk to Victoria road school / 40 minutes walk to Burley road school

Homestay Accommodation

  • A cultural experience living in a British home with an individual or a family
  • Meals are provided (breakfast and dinner ever day with lunch available at the weekend)
  • Study bedroom with a desk with a shared bathroom and kitchen
  • Approximately 40 minutes travel time (by bus) to the school on average.

Stone Mill Accommodation – Limited Availability

If you are travelling by bus, here are some options:

  • If you are studying for 4 weeks or more, we suggest you get a monthly student bus pass. It costs £44 for a monthly student bus pass. Information about how to get this is here 
  • Get a day pass (unlimited bus travel for 24 hours in Leeds) this costs £4.20. Get on the bus and ask the driver for a “FirstDay” ticket.
  • If you only want to get on the bus once (and walk home later or not use the bus again for whatever reason)  ask for a “single” this costs £3
  • If you want unlimited bus travel for 1 week in Leeds, ask the driver for a “FirstWeek ticket” which is £15


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