Evening Class Prices


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£150 (10 weeks)

General English  Intermediate (B1/B2)  or Advanced (C1)

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Class times Every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm
Location Leeds English Language School, Burley Road, Leeds, LS4 2PU
Dates Term 1 2017 Start date: January 4th / End date: March 8th.It is possible to join the course later – please contact us to check availability.
Terms and conditions
  • It is not possible to pay for individual classes. You must attend for the the full term.
  • Any individual classes missed due to sickness/holidays or any other reason cannot be carried over to the next term or refunded.
  • Courses are non-refundable unless you are able to provide a valid reason and proof of extenuating circumstances, for example a medical note from a doctor, or a job offer letter.
  • A certificate of completion is given only when completing a full 10-week course.
  • All students must complete an English test to know their level before joining the course.
  • Classes will take place at the Burley Road school. Teachers and classrooms may be changed.
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