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Student Feedback Term 3 – Summer 2017

(Feedback = well you tell someone your opinions/ thoughts/ suggestions about something)

Thank you so much for meeting with Ione in the common room and completing the survey online. We were pleased to hear all the positive feedback and great ideas for what we can do to improve the school. Term 3 Student Feedback

Our Mission

To be a school where excellence in teaching and learning is matched by high levels of customer service and student satisfaction, where the well-being and development of students and staff are the driving forces.

Our Story

Leeds English Language School opened in 2001 with just 3 students. Our reputation for excellent teaching and caring for students has grown and grown. We now have up to 200 students at anyone time!

Leeds English is sometimes known as “Bob’s school”,  affectionately named after the one of the owners, Bob Charlton. Former students recommended “Bob’s School in Leeds” to their friends and families, and the name has stuck since then!

Leeds English is independent. We are not a chain. We are not a big corporation. We are a friendly and dedicated team of local experts in English language teaching. This has the following benefits:

It is for these reasons that we have enjoyed a brilliant reputation since we opened in 2001. Every student who comes to Leeds English will receive a good English education and will be well looked-after.  This is our guarantee to you.


We Think You’ll Like it Here. We Don’t Mean to Boast, but….

*boast = talk about how good you are

1. Our Students are the Bees Knees!

*bees knees = very good

2. Our Beautiful City is Smack Bang in the Middle of the UK

*smack bang in the middle = exactly in the middle

It was also voted Best UK University Destination by a survey in The Independent newspaper, and is home to 3 internationally known universities.

3. Our Teachers and Support Staff are Top Notch

*top notch = very good

4. Our Students get Freebies

*freebie – something for free

We think we must offer more free classes than any other school! Speaking club, functional language lessons, pronunciation lessons, TV club, IELTS and FCE exam preparation classes, there are always more chances to improve your English!

5. The Tea and Coffee is also on the House

*on the house = something free, provided by the place you are in

6. We are Mad about Purple

*to be mad about = to really like something

You will understand when you get here. It’s a thing that we do. If you do not already like purple, we think that we can change your mind.



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