Term Start Dates

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Term 1: Tuesday 3rd January – Friday 9th March

Term 2: Monday 13th March – Friday 19th May

Term 3: Monday 22nd May – Friday 28th July

Term 4: Monday 31st July –  Friday 5th October

Term 5: Monday 9th October – Friday 15th December


School holidays:

The school is closed for 2 weeks at the end of the year. The last day of the term is Friday 15th December 2017 and the school will reopen on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

The school will also be closed during the following dates. These are the upcoming bank holidays in 2017 England and Wales:

  • Friday the 14th April
  • Monday 17th April
  • Monday 1st May
  • Monday 29th May
  • Monday 28th August

These are marked on the term timetable below:

Term Calandar

(5 Terms)

Term Calendar 2017
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