10 reasons to choose Leeds English…


1. Because Leeds loves students


Leeds is well-known as a student friendly city. It was voted the Best UK University Destination by a survey in The Independent newspaper, and it has the fourth largest student population in the UK!


2. Because we’ve got the perfect mix!


Leeds is the 3rd largest city in England, and has been described as the ‘Knightsbridge of the North’ due to its incredible range of shops and retail centres. Situated in Yorkshire, the county that was voted the ‘best place in Europe’ due to its beautiful landscapes and epic tourist attractions, you can also escape to the countryside in less than 20 minutes!


3. Because our regional accent is great


The lovely Yorkshire accent has been voted as one of the nation’s favourites, described as being ‘warm and genuine’.


4. Because our staff are ‘smiley’, ‘helpful’ and ‘professional’

Our students always say how much they appreciate our members of staff. From the highly qualified and experienced teachers to the managers and the student services team, everybody here wants you to have the best possible learning experience.


5. Because we give FREE extra classes


We think we must offer more free classes than any other school! Speaking club, functional language lessons, pronunciation lessons, TV club, IELTS and FCE exam preparation classes, there is always more chances to improve your English!


6. ….And FREE coffee!


We think it’s really important for students to feel comfortable in the school. That’s why we provide lovely common rooms for break and lunch times, with snack machines and free tea and coffee to keep your energy levels up for those tricky grammar lessons!


7.  Because the cost of living is reasonable


With prices from £99 a week for a bedroom with your own private bedroom, our prices are way cheaper than most language schools London (up to £350 per week) and even Manchester (£120 a week). This means you can afford to stay for longer!


8. Because we want to show you around

lincoln marina

Our social activities coordinator organises visits to the hotspots of Leeds, sports activities and trips further afield to cities such as Liverpool, York and Glasgow for all of our students to join! Check our Facebook page for photos of our recent excursions.


9. Because our students are the best


Our school has a friendly and diverse group of students from over 50 different countries each year, each one contributing to the friendly international atmosphere!


10. Because purple


If you like this colour, we’re definitely the school for you. If you’re not already a fan, we think you will learn to love it!


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