Individual Attention

“Students are given outstanding support to fulfil their learning needs and personal goals and as a result make excellent progress against their starting point” read our full ISI Inspection report 

You are an individual (individual = the idea that everyone is different and nobody is the same as somebody else).

All of our students have different academic needs and different welfare needs (welfare = feeling happy, healthy and safe).

We treat our students as individuals when supporting them with both of these needs.

Welfare & Support – Feeling Happy, Healthy and Safe

We are family

Everybody knows each other at Leeds English and we will often be asking you how you are and if you need help. Through surveys, forums and inspections, our students often say that the school is like a family. If you seem sad, tired, or not like yourself, someone will notice.  If you do not come to school, we will ring you to check you are okay.

How are You?

After 1 week of studying, all students must give Susan the completed “How are You?” form that we give you on your first day. It has these questions:

How do you feel in Leeds? How is your accommodation? Do you feel safe? Would you like to talk to somebody privately? Have you had any problems? Can we help you with anything? Where would you like to go on trips?

This helps us know how things are when you arrive. The How are You forms are always in the common room and we like having regular updates from students. Please don’t worry about anything – we will always help you.

Your Support Staff

Anybody in the office will help you if you ask. Also, each student has a designated member of the support staff team who can help them. Click here to find out who your support staff member is. This is just intended as a guide. If there is somebody in the office that you feel more comfortable talking to, you can of course choose your own first point of contact.

Academic Support

Individual Learning Plans


  • You will receive a personal tutorial with your teacher during the first or second week. This is a 10-minute meeting where your strengths and weaknesses are discussed.
  • Following the tutorial meeting, your teacher will give you a folder which contains assignments to complete in order to improve your weaker areas. This is called an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).
  • You complete a new ILP assignment every two weeks.
  • You decide which ILP assignments to do, with the advice of your class teacher.
  • Your ILP assignments are assessed by your teacher who will give feedback and guidance to help you improve.
View ILP Examples

Academic progress checks

Every two weeks, the academic managers (Alister, Alice and Neil) ask your teachers if you are finding anything difficult in class. If we think that something is difficult for you, we will speak to you 1-to-1 (privately) and make a plan to help you with this. For example, if your teaching thinks that your listening is not as good as your other skills, then Alister, Alice or Neil will give you a plan to improve your listening skills. 

Self Study

All students are welcome to come to Self Study. This is every Monday – Thursday from 2.40pm – 3.40pm ( it starts 10 minutes after the last lesson finishes). It’s in Room 8 at Burley Road (the room with the bookcase door in the common room) and Room 2 at Victoria Road.

If you would like to study after class, a teacher will be in the Self Study room to give you some extra work or answer any questions. For example, if you want extra help with writing, the teacher can give you some essay questions. Or if you find reading difficult, a teacher can find some interesting material at the right level that you can look at.

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