Reasons to be Cheerful

Terms and conditions: Reasons to be cheerful only apply to Leeds English students. If you aren’t in the #LeedsEnglishFamily, you probably don’t have such a good reason to be cheerful. We’re not cliquey. We’re just super cool. You’ll understand when you get here.

1. You’re Walid Bakr

This Saturday 7th October, Walid (Syria) ran the 10 mile York race in 1 hour 14 minutes. He also raised loads of £s for a cancer charity earlier this year in the #LeedsHalfMarathon. We welcome everyone to join us as we jump up and down and yell at him while he runs a full marathon next year (further details to follow).

Having known zero English this time last year, our golden boy Walid is now an upper-intermediate level student and a very high achiever. We love you Walid. We are so proud of you, and find strength in your determination to succeed in everything that you do. #RunWalidRun

2. More Becky

Heartbroken over Ione’s departure? Don’t be! It means you get more Becky. Your favourite Leeds/American Super Woman has taken on the Marketing Officer role. Ione still works behind the scenes and you can hang out with her on some of the trips. Only if you want to. No pressure.

Becky Miller - Social Activities Coordinator

3. You like screaming

Friday the 13th, along with Oktoberfest, brings you #TheKrakenScreamfest. At the Trinity from 6.30pm this Fri. More Details. If any of your classmates actually scream, please send us a video.

4. You want to practise your IELTS listening

In next week’s 3-4pm extra IELTS classes, you’ll practise answering abstract and analytical questions. We are always banging the drums about our IELTS classes, because you voted them “excellent” and we really want you to get your score. We are internationally renowned for the quality of our IELTS courses.

 The extra classes  are 100% free. A present. From us to you.

5. You like gin

Also this Friday from 6.30pm. 95 different types of gin are waiting for your taste buds at the #CornExchange. Please drink responsibly. Just because there is no school the next day, you will still have homework to do Saturday. Good IELTS scores, unfortunately, do not come from gin.