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Welcome to Leeds English Language School

The original English school in beautiful Leeds, the 3rd largest city and student capital of the UK!

We teach English as a foreign language (EFL) to 100-150 adult students at any one time. Our students come from all over the world to study English intensively at Leeds English Language School. The majority of your course mates will be from Spain, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. You may also have course mates from China, South Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Turkey, Poland and Hungary.

Leeds English courses have been developed and continuously improved EFL experts  since 2001. They are designed for hardworking students who would like to study intensively in order to improve their English level in a relatively short period of time.

We love working with international students and being part of your new English family. You will probably get to know all of us quite well. We enjoy showing you around Leeds and Yorkshire. Take a look at the videos below!

The Success Story of Leeds English Language School

Leeds English Language School in 3 Words?


Proud to be the original English school in Leeds. Read about our accreditation, impressive inspection reports and links with universities, embassies and charities.



98% of students progressed to the next level in January 2018. Read all about our results, statistics and student reviews. Watch our video “A day in the Life of a Teacher”.



With 100-150 fantastic students from all around the world and a friendly staff who love working with international students, there is always entertainment just around the corner!


Our Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives


Watch our Values in Action!


  • To continue to develop our school to provide highly effective English courses

  • To help students discover Leeds, the UK’s beautiful student capital, and to feel a part of the fabric of a society that is so proud of its international student population

  • To teach students how to study effectively in school and to learn autonomously; a skill vital in studying for any purpose

  • To foster an environment where students feel like part of a family and can reach out for emotional support if they feel unhappy

  • To encourage staff to develop and take pride in the service they provide and their working environment

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