Homestay Accommodation

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Study Links arrange all of our homestay accommodation. This is a separate company from the school, but we have used them for many years and they provide suitable options for our students. We do not run our own homestays.

  • Hosts are carefully selected following checks and interviews
  • Hosts are friendly, welcoming, and English-speaking.
  • Accommodation is clean and comfortable.
  • StudyLinks is accredited by AEGIS and have years of experience dealing with overseas students of all ages.

“Study Links International is a very caring and efficient organisation that is strongly supported by its parents and pupils. It makes great and successful efforts to find out and meet the needs of each individual student.”Aegis (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students)

Homestay provides…

  • fully furnished study bedroom
  • single rooms
  • shared rooms are only available to two students (friends / family) arriving and leaving together
  • weekly laundry, and clean towels and bedding provided
  • breakfast and dinner are provided daily
  • breakfast and dinner and lunch are provided at weekends

Study Links aims to match a student’s requirements as closely as possible with a suitable host…

Students will not be placed with other students of the same mother-tongue, except by special request. English is always the main language spoken in the home. Information about your homestay will be sent to you before you arrive.


  • Homestays are in the suburbs of Leeds – it is not possible to have a homestay in the city centre
  • Usually you will need to catch a bus to school.
  • Most homestays are 30-40 minutes from the school by one/two buses.
  • If you would like to travel by bus, here are some options:
    • If you are studying for 4 weeks or more, we suggest you get a monthly student bus pass. It costs £44 for a monthly student bus pass.
      Information about how to get this is here
    • Get a day pass (unlimited bus travel for 24 hours in Leeds) this costs £4.20. Get on the bus and ask the driver for a “FirstDay” ticket.
    • If you only want to get on the bus once (and walk home later or not use the bus again for whatever reason)  ask for a “single” this costs £3
    • If you want unlimited bus travel for 1 week in Leeds, ask the driver for a “FirstWeek ticket” which is £15
  • Some host families within walking distance of the school.


  • £150.50 per week
  • Registration fee £70 (non-refundable)
  • Deposit of £250 (for breakages and unpaid rent, refundable when you leave)

4 weeks homestay fees (£602) plus registration fee and bond/deposit to be paid in advance. For stays of less than 4 weeks, the full amount should be paid in advance (two weeks minimum). You must book and pay for your homestay at least two weeks before you move into the house.

How to book

Email: [email protected] with your accommodation request.

You will be sent an email with the amount of money you need to pay in advance.

Please send us your details:

  • Arrival Date:
  • Arrival Time:
  • Airport:
  • Airline:
  • Flight Number:

We will send you:

  • Homestay address and telephone numbers
  • Homestay profile
  • Emergency telephone numbers

Other information

  • Most houses in the UK have only one bathroom, so students must fit in with the family daily routine eg. some homestays may ask that students use the bathroom at certain times and not at others (for example not late at night).
  • Students are provided with towels but may be asked to provide their own soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc…
  • Meals are included as follows:
    • A typical breakfast will be cereal, toast, and tea or coffee/juice
    •  Some homestays allow students to prepare their own food in the kitchen, but students should always check first.
    • Homestays do not provide snacks.
    • If you do not eat at the same time as the homestay, you might have to prepare food yourself.

Moving out

If you want to leave your homestay you must give two weeks notice or you will be charged. If you take a holiday and want to continue in your accommodation on your return, full payment will also be required for the holiday period.

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