Beautiful Leeds is a great place to study English. In fact, it’s thought to be the number one student city in the UK. ; the UK’s 3rd biggest city is much cheaper than London, and is smack bang in the middle of the UK (2 hours to Scotland, 2 hours to London). The people are friendly. The surrounding Yorkshire countryside is beautiful. International students are a very welcome and important part of Yorkshire’s society. Many of our students stay here long after their courses finish!

So it’s no surprise that there are lots of English schools in Leeds. Here are some simple steps to help you decide on the right school.

1. Look at the School's Website

This should give you some idea about the school and their values. Is it a chain? Is it independent? Does it look professional? Does it look fun? Are you going to learn English? But the website is not the whole story, anyone can say they have excellent teaching and students love them-  you need to do a bit of research.

2. Make Sure it is the Right School

be careful of similar names

Many schools have similar names. Make sure you are not tricked by going to a school that has chosen a similar name to a long standing successful or popular school. We have all been fooled by products imitating successful brands!

3. Check Social Media

See what the school is doing on Facebook, Google and Instagram. Don’t just see what schools say about themselves, see what students say, what students are doing and how they interact with the school

4. Check With Other Students

Look for recommendations. A good school will have lots of students recommending it. Ask the school to speak to former students from your country. A good school won’t be afraid. 

5. Look at Experience

Look how long a school has been running. A good school will have built up a reputation over many years. Ask how many students they have and how many classrooms they have. How many students per class. Bigger isn’t necessarily better but you don’t want to go to a school with only 4 classrooms and 2 levels of English! 

6. Check the Staff

Go to the staff page on the school and look at the teachers experience. Do the teachers look professional? Do they look friendly? Are they going to help you learn English in the best way? Does the school have enough support staff?

7. Check Educational Integrity

If a school lets you study at a level too high or allows you to study IELTS when you are very low level, they are not doing what is best for you.  A good school has high standards and strong principles. It might seem like a school is meeting your needs but they might just want your custom whatever it takes. Be careful!

8. Ask lots of Questions

A good school will answer your questions and get back to you quickly. Ask about what is important to you. Everyone is different. 

9. British Council Reports

All reputable schools are inspected by the British Council. The inspection reports are publicly available. You should be careful if a school does not show their report on their website. “Spot checks” are when a school doesn’t solve a problem found in a previous inspection, and so further checks are needed.  We have listed all of the schools’ British Council reports below.