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Online IELTS course (My-iTeacher.com)

This course has been designed to help students improve their IELTS test scores. This means that it can help YOU to get the IELTS exam score that you need, even if you are not in Leeds!

Pay for a My iTeacher course and you will get access to pdf downloads of our course materials to study at home, and up to 4 sessions with an expert teacher who will correct your work and give you advice on how to improve.

Who is it for?

    • Students who want to prepare for the academic IELTS exam
    • Students who intend to go to college or university in the UK
    • Students who need to improve their IELTS score in one (or more) of the four skills eg. Writing or Speaking
    • Students with limited time to improve their English

When does it start?

Whenever you want! All of our online courses can be started at a time which suits you.

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