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of students progressed to the next level in January 2018!

What Our Students Think

“I studied in Lels and it was the best experience ever. I still remember my first day, all my classmates my amazing teachers Rod and Wendy, I couldn’t have found anything better. I recommend to everyone this school, you can find friendly people, professionalism and fun.”

Stefania, Italy

“When I came here first, I have been nervous, but I adapted to here because the school helped me well. I felt that teachers in Leeds English school is very clever and kind. ”

Jinu, Korea

“The best school in leeds, I had a great time in this school and this city”

Abdulrhman, Saudi Arabia

“I will never forget this time in Leeds, the staff and teachers are very professional and friendly. They make you feel at home and whatever you ask intervening quickly.”

Valentina, Italy

“I am studying in LELS and  I am having a great experience. The teachers are very nice and helpful. I have improved my level in short time. I just have good words for this school and these teachers. Just to say thank you so much.”

Diego, Spain

“It was simply the best experience of my life and it’s difficult to describe this kind of feelings… I will miss my teachers Louis and Joe, I learnt so much in their classes, the city where I felt like in home, also all my friends from different places around the world… I’ll remind those months my whole life.”

Estevy, Colombia

“I studied in LELS and it was the best experience. It was a great experience that helped me to improved my English in a short time. I have spent a great time with you. Thank you so much”

Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

“Everything was perfect, I am very happy with my experience with you, I have learnt a lot.”

Paula, Argentina

“I have studied in LELS for almost a year and everything I have experienced in such a lovely school was nice from A to Z. I wish I could go back to those days & nice moments & memories. I’m happy to help the school for anything they need as I have been treated kindly & professionally by its staff. Go LELS Go!”

Osama, Saudi Arabia

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In Our October 2017 Survey…

  • 91.7% of students thought that their teacher was either good, very good or excellent

  • 96.6% of students thought that their class was good, very good or excellent

  • 90.1% of students thought that their improvement in English was good, very good or excellent

  • 98.4% of students thought the self-study facilities were good, very good or excellent

  • 95.1% of students thought that the office staff were good, very good or excellent and over half thought we were excellent!