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Arriving in school

When you arrive on Monday to start your class, you will be given a health and safety talk and further instructions by your teacher or a member of staff.

  • When you have entered the building you should wash your hands in the kitchen where you will find soap and disposable hand towels.

  • Apply hand sanitiser after, if necessary, which can be found at the bottom of the steps near the main door.

Staff perform regular temperature checks
Spacious classrooms enable social distancing

Your classes

  • Classes will be kept smaller or split between classrooms to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

  • Lesson times and break times will be staggered to reduce the pressure on corridors, communal areas and public transport.

  • Teaching techniques will be adapted, including the use of technology, to provide the best learning conditions.

  • Students will be tested for level before arrival to avoid contact with other members of staff.

  • Digital handouts will be used as needed to avoid sharing resources.

  • You will be provided with a chrome book if you do not have a personal computer/laptop. This  will have been cleaned before your use. We will also provide a book for you to write in with a pen for your personal use.

  • Classes will be rearranged to minimise the number of students and staff you have contact with, creating class bubbles where possible.

In and around school

  • Hand sanitisers and hand-washing facilities are widely available around the school and clear rules on personal cleanliness are enforced.

  • The cleaning of the school has been stepped up to include daily disinfection of all high frequency contact areas.

  • Movement around the school is being managed to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

  • Floor markings will be used to ensure suitable spacing in areas where queues will form, including outside the building.

  • Posters outside and around the school will give clear information on personal hygiene and social distancing.

  • Students and staff are expected to wear face coverings on their journey to and from school, and around common areas where appropriate.

  • We are ventilating classrooms as much as possible.

  • Masks are available in school.

Keeping hands clean – we have lots of sanitiser!
Laptops and surfaces are cleaned after use
Students enjoy fresh air in the garden

Food and drink and break times

  • We suggest you bring your own food and drink to avoid having to use school equipment.

  • We have a coffee machine with disposable cups to avoid minimum contact. Please use a tissue when pressing the buttons you need to make your choice. There is also a water dispenser available.

  • If you wish to smoke there is a smoking area in the garden. Please make sure you stay socially distanced from anyone else who is there and put your cigarettes in the disposal bins after.

Staff and welfare of students

  • Welfare staff and academic staff are available for you to discuss any concerns or welfare issues you have. You will be able to speak to them at break times or after school.

  • If you need to speak with a staff member urgently you will be given staff emails for you to contact them digitally and arrange a Zoom meeting or personal meeting if appropriate. If you want to go to the office please make sure no-one else is in the room before entering.

  • Welfare and safeguarding procedures will be adapted, and fresh training will be provided to all staff, with a particular emphasis on how mental health may be impacted by current circumstances.

Staff are available for you
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