In the UK you must be 18 or over if you want to buy cigarettes and it is illegal to smoke in all public places, including schools and hospitals. Smoking is not allowed in the school buildings. If you wish to smoke outside, please do not stand in front of the door, in the car park or in the road. Ask a member of staff for directions to the smoking area.


Please do not throw cigarette butts on the floor – You may be fined £80!


  • Alcohol must not be consumed on the school premises.
  • Please do not come into school if you are under the influence of alcohol.

Many UK students go to pubs to meet friends and drink alcohol. If you do not drink alcohol, you can ask for a soft drink, such as cola or fruit juice.

Please be careful when drinking alcohol outside of school. If you feel drunk, ask your friends to take you home or call a recognised taxi firm. Do not get into a taxi if you have not booked it in advance.

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In the UK many drugs are illegal. You might go to prison if you buy, take or sell drugs. If someone offers you drugs, you should refuse. If you are worried about drugs or want information please speak to a member of staff. Students must not come to school if they have taken drugs.

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If you hold a driving licence issued outside of Great Britain (that is England, Scotland and Wales) then you can use the tool on the Government website to check whether you can use it to drive in the UK.  You may be allowed to do so for a limited period of time only. You must ensure that you have insurance and Road Tax. More information on driving in the UK can be found here:–Advice/Studying–living-in-the-UK/Driving

The Police Arrest Procedure

If you’re arrested the police must:

  • identify themselves as the police
  • tell you that you’re being arrested
  • tell you what crime they think you’ve committed
  • explain why it’s necessary to arrest you
  • explain to you that you’re not free to leave

If you try to escape or become violent, the police can use ‘reasonable force’, eg holding you down so you can’t run off.

You can also be handcuffed. The police have powers to search you when you’re arrested.