Start Your Leeds English Journey Today!

Alternatively, tell us a little about you and we’ll send you an application pack

What’s Next?

When we have answered all your questions and have all of your details, Susan will email you an offer letter and an invoice. Your place is confirmed and your accommodation (if you want it) is booked once you have paid the invoice. If you need a visa letter, we will send it at this point.

How do I pay my invoice?

There are 4 options – and we really recommend FlyWire.

Do I have to pay the full invoice at once?

Yes please! It makes our lives much easier. But if it’s difficult for you to pay all at once, or if you are staying with us for a long time, we can arrange a special payment plan for you.

Do you Already Live in Leeds?

Fantastic! Come for a cup of tea. We’d love to meet you, test your level and show you around. The first time you visit, please come to Burley Road. If you come before 3pm we can test your level.