Burley Road


Burley Hill
Burley Road
(Telephone: 01132883047)


Open since the expansion of the school in 2009, our Burley road site provides the perfect environment for studying with large classrooms, self study areas and space for socialising.

Arriving at the school

Parking: We have a large car park and parking is free of charge.

Public transport: The school is situated on a major bus route with services to and from the city centre every ten minutes (routes 49, 50 and 50a from opposite the Town Hall.)

Please come to this address:

  • on your first day at the school
  • to take an English level test
  • for all questions and enquiries
  • for evening classes

Reception is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.

Check the school facilities here

8 classrooms equipped with projectors, whiteboards and audio facilities.

Check the school facilities here

Comfortable common room as well as a kitchen with free tea and coffee.

Check the school facilities here