Individual Learning Plans

Individual Learning Plans

Your study plan Individual attention

  • You will receive a personal tutorial with your teacher during the first or second week. This is a 10-minute meeting where your strengths and weaknesses are discussed.
  • Following the tutorial meeting, your teacher will give you a folder which contains assignments to complete in order to improve your weaker areas. This is called an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).
  • You complete a new ILP assignment every two weeks.
  • You decide which ILP assignments to do, with the advice of your class teacher.
  • Your ILP assignments are assessed by your teacher who will give feedback and guidance to help you improve.
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Academic progress checks

Every two weeks, the academic managers  ask your teachers if you are finding anything difficult in class. If we think that something is difficult for you, we will speak to you 1-to-1 (privately) and make a plan to help you with this. For example, if your teaching thinks that your listening is not as good as your other skills, then Alice or Neil will give you a plan to improve your listening skills. 
Neil Stapley (Director of Studies)
Alice Arnold (Assistant Director of Studies)

Self Study

All students are welcome to come to Study Club. This is every Monday – Thursday from 2.45pm – 3.45pm ( it starts 15 minutes after the last lesson finishes). It’s in Room 8 at Burley Road (the room with the bookcase door in the common room) and Room 2 at Victoria Road.

If you would like to study after class, a teacher will be in the Self Study room to give you some extra work or answer any questions. For example, if you want extra help with writing, the teacher can give you some essay questions. Or if you find reading difficult, a teacher can find some interesting material at the right level that you can look at.

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