Getting to and from Leeds

Great news! You can take a direct flight to Leeds from these cities:

Most of our European and Turkish students arrive with popular airlines Jet2 and Ryan Air. Flights can be very cheap if you are lucky. At the time of writing, it was possible to fly from Gdansk to Leeds for only £15!

How do I find the cheapest flight?

We recommend comparing all of the airlines on Skyscanner. If you choose “whole month” then “cheapest month” – you can find the cheapest possible day to come!

The cheapest flights tend to be with airlines Jet 2 and Ryan Air.

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Coming from China, Thailand, Russia, UAE or Saudi Arabia?

You can fly to Manchester! It’s only one hour on the train, or we can book you an £85 taxi directly to your accommodation.

A List of Cities with Direct Flights to Manchester Airport

I’m Going to Fly to London – is it far from Leeds?

No, it is not far. It’s easy to travel from London to Leeds. England is quite a small country!