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Much Cheaper than London

(And we at Leeds English think it’s much better!)

Welcome to Beautiful Leeds. Where prices are 61% cheaper than in London!

Highlights Of Leeds

Let’s compare the cost of…


LEEDS – monthly travel pass = £55. 1km in a tax = £1.12

LONDON – monthly travel pass = £132. 1km in a taxi = £4

London Collage


A Shared Apartment in/ close to the City Centre

LEEDS – £99 per week for en-suite with Leeds English

LONDON -average £235 per week

Apartments In leeds

Monthly Membership at a Gym or Fitness Club

LEEDS – average £27.20

LONDON -average £46.20
Fitness In leeds

1 Pint of Beer in a Pub

LEEDS – average £3.50 (£2 at the Angel Inn or Brudenell Social Club)

LONDON -average £4.50-5.00

Happy Leeds English Language School Students


Above mentioned prices taken from numbeo.com.

With special thanks to our extremely glamorous students for modelling in these photos.


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