Where is the school?

Leeds English Language School has two buildings – Burley Road (LS4 2PX) and Victoria Road (LS6 1D6)

Where should I go?

If you want to visit the school, or if it is your first day as a student with us, please go to the Burley Road building.

Where will my class be?

After taking the English test at Burley Road,  we will place you in a class that is suitable for your level. Depending on which class you join, you may study at either Burley Road or Victoria Road. We will tell you which building you will study in when you join.

Students usually continue to study in the same class for the duration of their course. Classes are sometimes moved to different classrooms within the same building, and on rare occasions from one site to another, depending on the number of students in the group and the rooms which are available.

It is not possible for students to choose the building or the room in which they study.

Burley Road has 8 classrooms and Victoria Road has 6 classrooms. Both buildings have the same facilities, including kitchen, library and common rooms.


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