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Welcome to the original English School in Leeds. Established 2001.


We are proud to be an independent school that promises you personal attention and focuses on you achieving your goals.

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Throughout the year we have various discounts to encourage different nationalities to apply to the school. Please ask our friendly team if there are any discounts available for your nationality.

What our students say…

“I am really grateful to study at LELS. It was the most wonderful experience I had in my student life. Thanks to all the staff in this respectful school. I consider myself part of this school.”

Rashed, from Bahrain

“I just stayed here for two weeks and in that time I could see my improvement. I managed to have a great success in my classes with lovely classmates and a lovely teacher called Sandy.”

Enzo, from Brazil

“My favourite teacher is Sandy. She has innovative way to teach students. I’ve got lots of things from her as well as from the IELTS class. I’ve got the result that I want so I appreciate all that to her!”

Mohammed, from Saudi Arabia

“Learning English at LELS was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoy the different approaches teachers use to teach. I am thrilled to have improved my English here. I’m grateful to all my teachers.”

Jerry, from Germany

“When I visited the school I loved it, all the students look happy. Best school office staff we’ve ever experienced – am grateful for the hard work and dedication of the staff.”

Sina, from Iran

“I am really happy with this school and this experience. I hope to come back someday!”

Iris, from Spain
Bara from Saudi Arabia

“It has been my pleasure studying at LELS. I was taught by skillful teachers, and was taken care of by wonderful staff. My experience was fruitful and memorable. Much appreciated!!”

Bara, from Saudi Arabia

“The best thing is here, there is more than just a language school. It is your home and your family with your unforgotten memories.”

Büşra, from Turkey

“My teacher is Richard, I like how he speaks to the students and he always tries to involve them. Two weeks are not a long period but they are useful to improve and remember some English.”

Mattia, from Italy

New world, new life, new experience by Leeds English Language School.”

Job, from Thailand

I really enjoyed spending 2 months here. A lot of activities such as trips in York international day and Blackpool. The second one was my favourite because all students shared their cultures through food, presentations and music!”

Elodie, from France

“I liked all the teachers honestly because they are all friendly. And the teaching strategies are perfect!”

Bayan, from Saudi Arabia

“I enjoyed too much the time that I spent studying here. It was an amazing experience. I liked all my teachers. All of them are very kind and care about learning. LELS gave the whole framework to learning English. Thanks to all the team.”

Allan, from Brazil

“Elisabete – sometimes we talk about music and language 🙂 Weronika – helped my English pronunciation. Laurie – always kind to me. Louise – Her class was really helpful to my English conversation skills.”

Sanghun, from Korea

“I just want you to know that it was the best experience I’ve had and I couldn’t imagine it to be better … I’m so happy and glad that now I have another family now and you have been so supportive to me.”

Maryam, from Kuwait

“I have spent 3 fantastic months in this school, where I have met nice people from all over the world and I have improved my language. All the professors have been fantastic but I have to say thanks especially to Rod who is one of the best teachers I have ever met.”

Francesco, from Italy

“I had an unforgettable time in this lovely place. I met incredible people and I met my family (here), all of the staff at this school are amazing but there is always a special one, to me it was James.”

Khaled, from Saudi Arabia

“I like all teachers, but my favourite is Georgia. She has a sense of humour. I lived the best moments thanks to her. All the trips were perfect throughout my education – I don’t know how to thank Ruth!”

Meltem, from Turkey

“My time spent in this school was wonderful. The staff have been very  friendly. Teachers have helped me each day to improve my level.”

Mario, from Argentina

“All teachers are amazing and the school has a fantastic and beautiful atmosphere.

Andreas, from Cyprus

I loved Leeds English school. My favourite teacher is Rod, he’s the best teacher ever. I love to speak English!”

Tommy, from Thailand
Meshal from Saudi Arabia

“I have learned a lot of lessons from Leeds English School, not only English also in my life. Thanks to all the teachers. Thanks to all the staff. I hope to see you in the future, I will never forget you.”

Meshal, from Saudi Arabia

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