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Fun indoor places to go in Leeds when its raining!

As it’s winter we thought you might like to know about some great indoor places to go that we think are great for students wanting to have a bit of fun.

Escape Hunt Leeds:

  • Experience: Immersive escape room challenges.
  • Review: A thrilling adventure that tests your wits and teamwork. Clever puzzles and engaging scenarios make it a must-try for friends and family.
  • Contact: Escape Hunt Leeds

Junkyard Golf Club:

  • Experience: Quirky indoor mini-golf with a unique twist.
  • Review: An energetic and fun-filled golfing experience set in a vibrant, junkyard-themed environment. Perfect for a lively night out.
  • Contact: Junkyard Golf Club

Everyman Cinema:

  • Experience: The Best Cinema experience in Leeds.
  • Review: Sitting in the heart of the Trinity Complex, Everyman Leeds holds five bespoke cinema screens, an outdoor terrace and a swanky bar serving cocktails and hot food straight to your seat.
  • Contact: Everyman Cinema

Leeds Climbing Lab:

  • Experience: Indoor climbing with a variety of skill levels.
  • Review: A thrilling and safe climbing experience suitable for all skill levels. The diverse range of climbing challenges adds an extra element of excitement.
  • Contact: Leeds Climbing Lab

Hollywood Bowl Leeds (Kirkstall):

  • Experience: Modern bowling alley with arcade games and a diner.
  • Review: Experience classic bowling with a modern twist. Hollywood Bowl in Kirkstall offers not only fantastic bowling lanes but also arcade fun and delicious diner bites for an all-around enjoyable time.
  • Contact: Hollywood Bowl Leeds Kirkstall

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this post useful!

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