Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?2022-04-01T10:56:34+01:00

There are 2 ways to apply:
1. Use the contact form and we will send you all the information by email.
2. Download and complete the application form and send it to us with a copy of your photo ID.

Go to: leedsenglish.com/apply

Students must be at least 17 years old when they start the course.

How do I get a discount on my course fees?2019-10-29T10:41:30+00:00

If you pay for multiple weeks together, you may be entitled to a discount. Please see our price list for the details.

Go to: leedsenglish.com/prices

Are the homestay families near to the school?2019-10-29T10:43:53+00:00

Homestay hosts live in different areas of the city. Be prepared to travel up to 1 hour to the school. There are convenient transport links with easy access to both of our schools.

This option is great for students who want to experience home life in the UK and not worry about cooking – most meals are provided!

Go to: leedsenglish.com/accommodation/studylinks-homestay

How do I book homestay accommodation?2022-04-01T11:01:00+01:00

Please contact Studylinks who will help with your booking. Leeds English Language School does not arrange this.

Go to: https://leedsenglish.com/accommodation

Can I buy lunch at school or do I need to bring it with me?2022-02-07T11:09:39+00:00

There is a microwave, hot water and a fridge at the school for you to use if you want to bring your own food. There is also a coffee machine.

There is a small supermarket next door to the school where you can buy food and drink. There is also a sandwich shop about 5 minutes from the school. If you want to venture slightly further and walk to Kirkstall Road, there are many shops, cafes and supermarkets. This is about 10 minutes on foot. Ask the office staff and they will be happy to help you.


What do I do if I think my classes are too difficult?2019-06-14T17:06:48+01:00

Speak to us immediately! Your teacher and the academic managers will discuss the issue and decide on the best way to proceed.

Can I bring my laptop / tablet into class?2019-06-14T15:20:41+01:00

Yes, you may bring your own computer. At Leeds English, students have access to Google Chromebook computers to use in school, anytime.

Can I take a holiday?2019-10-29T10:48:05+00:00

You must give 2 weeks’ notice and complete a holiday request form. If it is agreed, you will receive a letter that is signed by the Student Services Manager or the Director of Studies.

Leeds English Language School understands that long-term students may wish to take a break from their studies to visit family or for other reasons. Please refer to our Student holiday policy.

Go to: leedsenglish.com/students-holiday-policy.pdf

Is the school near to the city centre?2022-02-07T11:14:38+00:00

Yes, it is only a short bus or taxi journey to the city centre (2 miles or about 10 mins). Our school is located in the Burley Road which is popular with students and is close to  Kirkstall Road. Many of our students live around this area – there are many nice restaurants and fun things to do outside of the city centre too!

What happens if my visa application is refused?2019-06-14T17:07:39+01:00

If your visa is refused, please let us know. For refunds to be considered, we need to see a copy of the visa refusal letter. A £100 admin charge will be applied.

What happens if I have to cancel my course before I arrive?2019-06-14T17:05:17+01:00

The school must be notified of any cancellations at least 2 weeks before the start of the course. Refunds will be considered, and a £100 admin charge will be applied. Failure to notify the school 2 weeks in advance will result in a charge of 2 weeks’ tuition fees and a £100 admin charge.

The school has the right to ask for documentary evidence before issuing a refund, such as a visa refusal letter, medical reports or other relevant documentation resulting in the need for cancellation.

Do I get a certificate?2019-06-14T17:07:52+01:00

Yes! We will create an attendance certificate when you finish studying. Please inform us of your last day and if you would like a class photo.

Are the teachers qualified?2022-02-07T11:06:17+00:00

Yes. All Leeds English Language School teachers have between 5 and 20 years of experience teaching English as a second language. Many of our teachers have a DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or a Master’s in a teaching-related field. All our teachers have a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or equivalent.


Do you have a beginners course?2021-11-30T11:14:14+00:00

Yes. But please check we have one running when you want to start. We also suggest you start your course at the beginning of a term.

What visa do I need?2022-11-22T13:47:38+00:00

A standard visitor visa (up to 6 months) or a short term study visa (up to 11 months) for English language courses.

For up to date information you can check the government website by clicking the link https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa or alternatively you can find lots of information on UKCISA pages: https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/Information–Advice

Tier 5 Youth Mobility visas
Coming from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong or Taiwan? You may be eligible to apply for a Tier 5 visa: https://www.gov.uk/tier-5-youth-mobility

How many hours can I study?2019-06-14T17:08:38+01:00

Students with short-term study visas must study for 21 hours on an Intensive course.
Europeans and British students may study for 15 hours in certain circumstances. Part-time General English is for Elementary levels and above. You cannot study IELTS for 15 hours a week.

How many weeks can I study?2019-06-14T17:08:59+01:00

Students can study for 2 weeks or more. The courses are 10 weeks long but you are welcome to begin studying on any Monday. There is one exception: we would advise not starting on week 10 of the course – please check our calendar or contact us if you are unsure.


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