The Leeds English Family

We started with only 3 students who came to learn IELTS in Leeds. These students were the first members of what is now known as the Leeds English Family. Since then, our reputation has grown and the Leeds English family has grown too. We have welcomed over 5000 students to study with us over the years! We have connected with lots of students and staff and many still stay in touch on social media reminding us of the time at the school and letting us know what wonderful things they are doing now.

Our Mission

To provide students with the best possible opportunity to learn English in the north of England through the provision of excellent teaching and a caring team in a safe and friendly environment. To help individual students fulfil their own personal potential to maximise their success inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Values

Care and wellbeing
Development Mindset

The Leeds English story

The story of our school begins in 2001.

We have travelled to meet with our partners and students and made some wonderful memories – this is a timeline of our story.