Online term dates

Our Online classes consist of 12-week terms (for General English) or 8 weeks for IELTS preparation. Within the term are modules. Students can begin at the start of a module.

Start dates

Level Next Module Start Dates
Pre-intermediate 24th August 2020 / 21st September 2020
Intermediate 24th August 2020 / 21st September 2020
Upper Intermediate 24th August 2020 / 21st September 2020
Advanced 31st August 2020 / 28th September 2020
IELTS 24th August 2020 / 21st September 2020

Access Online content before the start date!

Once the first 4 weeks are paid (or there is a financial guarnatee in place for sponsored students – 21 hours only) we will allow you access to the online content immediately, so you can be prepared and ready for the class.

You may be able to join classes earlier than the next start date if we have space. Please ask for details.

Regular term dates

The school is currently closed, but we welcome student applications for later this year.

You’re welcome to join us any Monday. We have 100-150 students at any one time and lots of different classes. Even if you come halfway through a term, we can find a good starting point for you. And then if you find it too difficult or too easy, we can change your class or give you extra help to catch up.

Beginner students should come as close to the start of term as possible. Sometimes it’s possible for beginners to start part way through a term. Please contact us to check.

10-week terms

When is the school closed?

We close for 2 to 3 weeks at the end of the year and on UK bank holidays.

What happens at the end of the year?

We get our dancing shoes on!