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leeds english language school students on a trip to Ilkley

We love Yorkshire

Explore our beautiful county and see more of England!

Why Leeds

Leeds is in the centre of the UK and is the third largest city after London and Birmingham.

With an affordable cost of living (around 40% cheaper than London), great shopping, excellent restaurants and a friendly atmosphere, Leeds offers everything you need to have a fantastic English experience!

Things to do on your first week

LELS Activities

The Student Friendly City

leeds university union
  • The place to study
  • Home to good universities
  • Your future in Leeds

Things To Do

leeds city markets
  • Entertainment and shopping
  • Arts and culture
  • Music and festivals

Explore Yorkshire

Otley view from Otley Chevin
  • The UK’s largest county
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Historic towns and villages

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