Writing – Apostrophes

2020-04-29T09:54:27+01:0029 April, 2020|Education, English lessons|

An apostrophe is an important punctuation mark which is often used incorrectly or forgotten. The best way to get apostrophes right is to understand when and why they are used. Apostrophes have the following uses: Many people don’t recognise the importance of good public transport systems. (do not) You won’t get a job if you’re not well-qualified. (will not) (you are) People’s salaries have fallen in recent [...]

English Speaking – Subject-verb agreement

2020-04-27T15:12:43+01:0014 April, 2020|Education, English lessons|

Every sentence in English has a SUBJECT and a VERB. Sometimes the subject is singular (e.g. the man/he) and sometimes it is plural (e.g. my friends/they). Incorrect agreement between subject and the verb is one of the most common errors in speaking, as well as in writing. You must remember to change your verb, depending on if the subject is singular or plural. [...]

English Reading – Punctuation

2020-04-14T11:08:20+01:009 April, 2020|Education, English lessons|

When you are reading, it is important to pay attention to the punctuation marks that are used as they can change the meaning of a sentence. Here is a table with some common punctuation marks and a brief explanation of their use: . full stop Used to end a sentence. , comma Divides some types of sentence [...]

Learning about British Culture

2020-01-13T11:24:21+00:0010 January, 2020|Education, Social activities|

On Friday 20th December 2019, the students worked in groups for a morning of quizzes, challenges and presentations all about British culture. Following on from this, we explained some of the common customs and interesting traditions of the United Kingdom! back to blog posts We started the morning with tea and scones enthusiastically prepared by teachers, Rod and Joe! The [...]

“My First Week” with Hazel Upper Intermediate

2019-12-11T10:59:35+00:001 November, 2019|Education|

The students of Joe's Upper Intermediate class have been working on a writing task which required them to think back to their first week in Leeds! Reem, Sarah, Marta and Alhnouf share their own discoveries and experiences of life in the UK... back to blog posts "I discovered that I can do anything I want and nothing can stop me doing what [...]

A Passion for Blogging

2019-12-11T10:45:41+00:0018 October, 2019|Alumni, Education|

Büşra Beşiroğlu is a blogger from Turkey. She studied with us in the summer of 2019 and wrote many articles about her experiences, all of which have been published on Edumag.net. She continues to promote Leeds English Language School to Turkish audiences via our Instagram: @leedsenglishturkiye In this post, she talks about her passion for blogging and explains how it all started... back to blog posts [...]

Journey to Leeds Arts University

2019-12-11T10:46:26+00:0015 August, 2019|Alumni, Education|

Yi Jen from Taiwan studied at Leeds English Language School before starting a Masters programme in Curation Practices at Leeds Arts University. This summer, we caught up with her to talk about the student experience in Leeds! back to blog posts Leeds English students Meltem (left) and Yi Jen (right) meet at Sunny Bank Mills gallery I studied MA Curation Practices [...]

International Day is Your Day!

2019-12-11T10:46:48+00:007 August, 2019|Education, Social activities|

On the last day of term, we took a trip around the world courtesy of our amazing students for our very first International Day! back to blog posts We began with British tea and scones in the common room and then went to Europe with Spanish tortilla, fresh French crepes and a brilliant presentation about [...]

Leeds English Superstar Virginie Zengota Bags* an IELTS 7.5

2019-12-11T10:56:01+00:0016 March, 2018|Alumni, Education|

Friends with everybody and a delight to teach - our hearts broke when ultra-hardworking* Virginie Zengota finished her Intensive IELTS course and left Leeds English Language School last week. So Elisabete was chuffed* to get a phone call from Virginie this dull and rainy morning at Victoria Road school. Even more so when Virginie gave her the fantastic news - our dear Virginie just got herself an IELTS 7.5! [...]


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