Writing – Apostrophes

2020-04-29T09:54:27+01:0029 April, 2020|Education, English lessons|

An apostrophe is an important punctuation mark which is often used incorrectly or forgotten. The best way to get apostrophes right is to understand when and why they are used. Apostrophes have the following uses: Many people don’t recognise the importance of good public transport systems. (do not) You won’t get a job if you’re not well-qualified. (will not) (you are) People’s salaries have fallen in recent [...]

English Speaking – Subject-verb agreement

2020-04-27T15:12:43+01:0014 April, 2020|Education, English lessons|

Every sentence in English has a SUBJECT and a VERB. Sometimes the subject is singular (e.g. the man/he) and sometimes it is plural (e.g. my friends/they). Incorrect agreement between subject and the verb is one of the most common errors in speaking, as well as in writing. You must remember to change your verb, depending on if the subject is singular or plural. [...]

English Reading – Punctuation

2020-04-14T11:08:20+01:009 April, 2020|Education, English lessons|

When you are reading, it is important to pay attention to the punctuation marks that are used as they can change the meaning of a sentence. Here is a table with some common punctuation marks and a brief explanation of their use: . full stop Used to end a sentence. , comma Divides some types of sentence [...]


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