Free Extra Classes

A present from Leeds English to our students!

Our students study full-time, have 1 hour of homework per evening and work very hard to progress as quickly as they can. When your last class finishes at 2.30pm, you are welcome to stay for extra classes. Leeds English loves hardworking students and recommends using every chance to improve your English. These extra classes are completely free for our students even though they are of the same high standard and with the same great teachers as the main course.

Class Level Day Time
Study Club All levels welcome Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 2:45-3:45 PM
Introduction to IELTS Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Every Tuesday and Thursday 3-4 PM
Speaking Club All levels welcome Every Wednesday 3-4 PM
Culture Club All levels welcome Some Thursdays 3-4 PM
B2 First (formerly FCE) Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced Every Friday 1-2:30 PM

Study Club

Study with your friends after class. This is a good opportunity to try to learn something that you find difficult. A teacher will be there to answer any questions. You can use:


These 1 hour IELTS classes are popular with students who are interested in the IELTS exam but prefer to study general English full-time. Or full-time IELTS students who want even more practice!

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Speaking Club

Lots of chatting!

Culture Class

These fun Thursday treats are useful for learning interesting English vocabulary about culture, lifestyle, regions and entertainment in the UK. Recent subjects have been:

B2 First (formerly FCE)

The B2 First (formerly First Certificate in English) qualification is useful for work/study abroad programmes and it lasts for life.

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