Free extra classes 

Leeds English Language School loves hardworking students!

Our free extra classes compliment your language learning and enable you to meet and work with students from other levels.

Self Study

Study with your friends after school.

This is a good opportunity to try to learn something that you find difficult as a member of staff will be available to answer questions. Just go to the office if you need help.
Students have access to:

  • Grammar books

  • Practice papers

  • Chromebook computers

  • Graded readers

  • Dictionaries

“I really appreciated all the investment of my teachers for helping us when we struggle about some specific points (grammar, vocabulary) … so a big thank-you to them and also to all the school staff who were amazing too.”

Emilie, from France

An introduction to IELTS

1-hour classes for B1+ students and above

Practice answering different types of questions and understand the structure of the IELTS exam.

This can be a useful introduction to the IELTS test.

Tea and Chat

Lots of chatting!

This fun and friendly conversation class is free for all students. Practice speaking and listening with a different teacher each time. You can also have a lovely cup of tea. *In Yorkshire we sometime just say “cuppa”.

Topics might be:

  • Popular music

  • Weather and the environment

  • Food from around the world

  • Our lives in the future

  • Television and film

Speaking club

Culture club

Occasional Thursday treats!

These classes are useful for learning interesting English vocabulary about culture, lifestyle, regions and entertainment in the UK.
Recent subjects have been:

  • Football

  • Technology

  • British regions (areas)

  • Yorkshire dialect

  • Social media vocabulary

B2 First (formerly FCE)

The B2 First (formerly First Certificate in English) qualification is useful for work/study abroad programmes and it lasts for life.

This isn’t running at the moment as we do not have any students who want to do it but if you are interested please let us know!