Prices from January 2017. Please contact us to confirm prices and special offers available.

Please note that there are no extra charges for books or materials. The prices listed below include all of the costs and fees associated with your course and tuition.

 Course Class times Prices for international students Prices for British/European passport holders Prices for discounted nationalities*
General English: Full-time
(21 hours per week)
Monday – Thursday
09:00am – 2:30pm
09:00am – 12:15pm
£220 per week £149 per week
Special offer:
6 – 11 weeks    = £125
12 weeks or more    = £110
£220 per week
Special offer:
6 – 11 weeks = £199
12 weeks or more = £176
General English: Part-Time
(15 hours per week)
09:00am – 12:15pm
Not available £125 per week 
(2-12 weeks)
Not available
Intensive IELTS
(21 hours per week)
Monday – Thursday
09:00am – 2:30pm
09:00am – 12:15pm
£220 per week £149 per week £220 per week

Special offer:

6 – 11 weeks = £199
12 weeks or more = £176

Registration fee £75 £50 £75
Suitable for:
  • Visa nationals
  • EU students
  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • British citizens
  • Click here for a list of eligible nationalities
 Full payment must be received in order to guarantee your place for the duration that you would like to study. For example, if you want to study for 12 weeks, it is much better to pay for 12 weeks rather than just a few weeks. If you pay for fewer weeks than you intend to study, you may lose your place.



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When can I start?

  • For Elementary to Advanced classes and IELTS classes, students can start any Monday.
  • For the Beginner class, students must start at the beginning of the term. See our calendar for start dates.

1.Tell us the number of weeks you would like to study for

2. Come to the school on Monday morning and take a test to know your level

3. Start studying!


What’s included?

Included in the price
Course books and materials yes
Leeds English Online course yes
3 months access to Leeds English online after you leave yes
Free Wi Fi broadband access yes
One-to-one tutorials yes
Full academic report* yes
Personal Individual Learning Plan (ILP) yes
Teacher support during ILP study time yes
100 hour Online IELTS (British Council accredited) ** yes
Access to practice IELTS materials yes
Extra IELTS classes in afternoons yes
Speaking Club yes
Personal support from our Welfare Team yes
Student Handbook yes

* classroom courses of 7 weeks or longer
** Only for students on an IELTS course

Online courses


   Online exam preparation courses with IELTS experts

provided by Leeds English Language School

Accommodation and booking

Accommodation prices
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Accommodation prices

How to book a course
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How to book a course

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