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Group Courses Online
We provide a range of online courses for groups of students of 4 or more. These courses are bespoke and we have flexible times and hours to suit your needs. At present we are running online IELTS courses for professionals who need to achieve an IELTS 7 to work in the UK.

Materials and Teaching
All our teachers are qualified and have online teaching experience. Classes are conducted live through zoom. In addition students usually get a course book, unlimited online storage AND unlimited access to online study materials through our Cambridge Learner Management System (CLMS).

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If you are a company or school looking to have some online learning provision from an accredited school in the UK, please fill in the form below.

Online Courses

  • Bespoke online courses for groups of 4 or more

  • Flexible hours. Please enquire.

  • Zoom classroom + learning materials

Free resources from Leeds English

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  • YouTube videos

  • Practice questions

  • Tips for learning

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