Your first day at Leeds English Language School

Here’s a useful guide to what to expect on your first day, plus some suggestions for things you might want to do in the first week.

1 – Arrive at our Burley Road school (LS4 2PX)

When you arrive, the student services team will welcome you to the school. You will complete an enrolment form and we will take your photo (for staff use only).

2 – Testing

A member of the Academic team will ask you to do the writing test (if it was not completed online) and a short speaking test (5-10 minutes).
Students are placed in a class according to their level:
Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advanced.

We will give you information about your teacher, your classroom and the timetable.

3 – Take a tour around the city

On your first day of school, you will be taken on a guided “welcome tour” of Leeds city centre.  This usually happens on Monday afternoon at around 12:30pm. This tour is not obligatory, but many students find it useful.

The tour usually includes:

  • Banks
  • The central post office
  • The biggest supermarkets and Leeds City Market
  • Leeds train station
  • Leeds bus station and the useful bus stops around the city
  • STA student travel centre (where you can buy a student card)

4 – Induction

New students will have a school induction meeting. This usually takes place at 3pm. It is a detailed introduction, welcoming you to the school and gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions.

5 – Access your email

Log in to your account and create your own password. You will use your Leeds English Google mail account in the classroom.
It is also required for the bus ticket on your smartphone.

6 – Get a student bus ticket

You can purchase a bus ticket on your phone from an app called First Bus m-Tickets. The monthly student bus pass is around £45. Please register using your Leeds English email address and upload your photo ID (e.g. passport or identity card).

Your first week at Leeds English Language School