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What Makes our Staff Different?

Who Manages the School?

Leeds English is independent. We are not a big corporation or chain. Carol, Bob and Neil are not your typical managers hiding in an office. They are very friendly and can be seen everywhere around the school, laughing and joking with students. They are passionate about the school, proud of the students and they work very hard to make Leeds English the best that it can be. Academic management was an area of strength in our 2017 British Council report .

Bob Charlton



I’ve got a BSc in Management, a Trinity Cert.TESOL and I’m an ex- IELTS examiner. I used to teach English and have been in EFL management for over 20 years! I’ve worked in Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Oz and the UK. I love cycling in Yorkshire, meditation and philosophy. Read all about how I set up the school here!

Carol Hey

Student Services Manager


I’ve been working with international students since 2003 and have a TEFL qualification which I gained in India. I work as a volunteer for LASSN teaching refugees and asylum seekers. I like swimming, running, family time with my 3 grandkids and being outdoors!

Neil Stapley

Director of Studies


I’ve got a DELTA and a Trinity Tesol qualification. I’ve been teaching since 1994! Mostly in Tokyo, Japan and here in the UK. I really like collecting records, watching football, meeting people from all over the world and reading.

Rob McLean

Assistant Director of Studies

I first came to Leeds as a student, back in the distant past. Sometime after finishing my degree, I started working in the EFL world and haven’t really stopped! I have a DELTA teaching qualification and a Master’s degree in Training and Human Resource Management. I’ve worked in eleven countries, mostly in South-east Asia and the Middle East.

Who Looks after the Students?

Anybody at the school will be happy to help you. You will get to know everybody in the office well.

  • Elisabete makes all of our cool videos and can be seen running around the school with a GoPro quite often. Ellie helps with some design work. She is an artist.
  • When you first apply to the school, you’ll be in contact with Susan. She answers all of your questions, books your accommodation and enrols you on the course.
  • Ione and Becky market the school and try to find us even more students. They manage our social media and website. Sometimes they go abroad to visit our old students.
  • Ruth takes students on trips around Leeds, Yorkshire and other cities.

Elisabete Brota

Student Support Officer


I came to Leeds from Portugal in 2015 with my family. I started working at the school in 2016 as an apprentice, working towards a qualification in Business Administration. In my free time I like to cook, draw, walk and paint!

Ellie Geary

Student Support Officer


I’ve been working in student services since 2014. I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art. I’m really into photography, growing plants and exploring Yorkshire on my bike. I can be found on reception chatting to and helping our students!

Susan Chamberlain

Admissions & Welfare

I’ve been working with international students both in the UK and abroad since 2000. I’ve spent a lot of my life in southern Italy, so I can speak Italian. I really like jewellery making, pilates and am currently trying to learn Arabic.

Ruth James

Social Activities Coordinator


I have a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts. I worked with the British Army in Germany, Northern Ireland and around the UK. I enjoy spending weekends with my family exploring the local area, camping and cooking world foods. I might ask you to share your favourite recipes.

Becky Miller

Marketing Officer


I’m Leeds English’s American! I’ve got a BA in Politics/Latin American Studies & Spanish and MA in International Relations. I like spending time with my husband and our daughter as well as cooking, yoga and travelling .

Ione Murray

Marketing Officer


I’m Leeds English’s nerd. I mainly work on our website. I have a BA in European Politics. I’ve taught English in Poland, Mexico, El Salvador and Belgium. My favourite things are cats, chocolate, meeting people from other cultures and Indian food.

Saleh Kadi

Arabic Counsellor


I came to Leeds in January 2016 as a student at Leeds English Language School. Later that year, I became an Arabic adviser at the school before becoming a member of staff. I’m currently a MSc graduate in Information System and Information Management. In 2019, I will start my PhD studies about Smart Cities. I love to chat with the students and share with them about my experience. In my free time I like to travel, swim and watch movies. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you.

Who Teaches your Lessons?

The Leeds English teachers have lots in common, including a vast amount of teaching experience, a friendly and helpful attitude and a desire to see all of their students improve! Most students will get to study with at least 2 or 3 teachers during their time at the school, but you will probably meet them all at some point, such as during the weekly Speaking Club, or in the Self Study room after school, where they are happy to answer questions and help students of all levels.

Cass McHugh


I’m CELTA-qualified with 10 years’ experience in teaching English. I have a degree in Spanish and spent some time living and teaching in Spain. I like cooking, travelling, and improving on my Spanish.

Rod Whittal


I’ve got over 20 years’ experience in teaching English, a PGCE & a CELTA. I lived in Greece for 22 years (Athens) so am a speaker of modern Greek. I like playing snooker, holidays to Greece and cafe culture!

Richard Tempest


I’ve been teaching English since 1980! I’ve got a BA Modern Languages, Cert. TEFL, & a Dip.TEFLA. I’ve taught in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia and China. I collect money and take lots of photos.

Joe Spooner


I have 15 years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language and am working towards an MA in EFL (English as a Foreign Language). I am a football fan (watching and playing!) I also like playing with my kids and going for walks.

Weronika Waronska


I’ve been teaching English since 2013 and have a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Most of my experience has been in the UK. I really like salsa dancing and learning Spanish as well as cooking, arts and crafts.

Sandy Cunha


I’m working towards an MA and have over 20 years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language. I have taught English in the UK, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. I like yoga, spending time with my family and cooking.

Gareth Jones


I have 10 and a half years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language, a BA & an MA in English Literature. I’ve taught in Hong Kong, Taiwan, France & Italy. I like swimming, cooking and walking.

James Owen


I have taught English for 5 years both in the UK and in Spain. I love meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, cooking, going to the gym and generally being active.

Veronica North


I’m a Master’s qualified teacher with over 12 years’ experience in a number of countries, including Russia, Poland, Spain – and, of course, the UK! In my free time I enjoy cooking and baking, as well as various music and dance-related activities.

See us all in action!

Carol Susan and Becky take the students to Blackpool

The support team and students enjoy afternoon tea

Students, staff and teachers have a BBQ @ Victoria Road

Students, staff and teachers @ our end of term party

Students, staff and teachers play rounders in the park

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