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Meet the Staff


Leeds English Language School was opened 15 years ago by our 2 directors, Bob Charlton and Mike Corbett. Bob has worked in EFL for 22 years and Mike has worked in education for 30 years. Both directors can be seen around the school, making sure that Leeds English is still maintaining the high standards now that they established 15 years ago!

Bob Charlton

Mike Corbett

Academic Managers

The Management Team work together to help students reach their potential and ensure that they are happy and comfortable throughout their course. Neil and Alice test new students to make sure that they are placed in the correct level and continuously monitor academic progress, offering help and advice to students who need it. They work hard to design enjoyable English courses that suit our students’ needs and enable them to make real progress. Carol manages the admin team, deals with finance and helps students deal with any problems they encounter during their time in Leeds.

Neil Stapley

Director of Studies

Carol Hey

Student Services Manager

Alice Arnold

Assistant Director of Studies

Admin And Welfare Staff

The admin and welfare team are in the school every day to answer your questions and ensure that you are comfortable in the school. From the moment of your initial application until the day you collect your certificate at the end of your course, they will be there to offer advice and support on any issues relating to accommodation, transport, finance, visas and life in Leeds in general!

Elisabete Brota

Student Support Officer

Ellie Geary

Student Support Officer

Susan Chamberlain

Admissions & Welfare

Becky Miller

Social Activities Coordinator

Ione Murray

Marketing Officer


The Leeds English teachers have lots in common, including a vast amount of teaching experience, a friendly and helpful attitude and a desire to see all of their students improve! Most students will get to study with at least 2 or 3 teachers during their time at the school, but you will probably meet them all at some point, such as during the weekly Speaking Club, or in the Self Study room after school, where they are happy to answer questions and help students of all levels.

Richard Tempest


Cass McHugh


Joe Spooner


Weronika Waronska


Sandy Cunha


Louise Price


Rod Whittall


Gareth Jones


Veronica North


Peter Bennion


Sarah Brewer


Why do we believe our teaching to be excellent?

Teaching is about helping students meet their learning goals by giving them the right lessons, the right materials and the right support. It is about teachers who care what happens in and out of the classroom and have the knowledge to help students succeed.  We think that our teaching is excellent, and here are some facts to support this:

  • The independent ISI report in 2015 stated: “The Quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievement is excellent” read the full report here 
  •  90% of students move onto the next level each term
  • 61% of our teachers have been working at our school for at least 2 years
  • 44% of our teachers have been working at the school over a period of at least 5 years
  •  50% have TEFLQ (post-graduate qualification)
  • 5 teachers have either the DELTA qualification or the Trinity Diploma
  • On average our teachers have 14 years’ teaching experience

A team of 2 academic managers run regular teacher development sessions. We are always finding even more ways to improve.

This is why we think that our teachers are excellent. But don’t just take our word for it….


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